Seedling Fund.

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The Seedling Fund has been designed to help small businesses and social enterprises by providing grants, interest free micro-loans, and mentorship.

You can apply for a $1000 grant or loan, or $1000 worth of mentoring from Nurture. If you receive grant or loan funding, this should be used to help grow your business impact by delivering positive societal and/or environmental impact.

Any/all impactful businesses and organisations based in Aōtearoa New Zealand will be considered.

The Fund is currently accumulating funds after a recent distribution. Complete the application form below in order to apply for the next disbursement – scheduled to occur in Q4 2021.

For any questions or if you need assistance, please email us on

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Seedling Fund Application Form
If you don't have one, you can just leave this field blank.
According to the resources available to the Fund at the time of application, you may be offered alternative support.
Please write a brief application detailing: 1) what you need support with, 2) how having access to this support will help your business/project, and 3) what positive societal outcomes you're hoping to achieve by having access to support.
If no, please write your business plan/pitch in the text box provided.
    Terms & Conditions
  1. This fund has been created for the broad purpose of helping small businesses and social enterprises succeed.
  2. Organisations with a social or environmental mission will be prioritised for loan funding.
  3. There is no guarantee that your application will be successful.
  4. Applicants will be advised on a rolling basis whether their application is successful or not.
  5. Nurture has sole responsibility for judging applications.
  6. There is no limit to how many times an organisation can apply in good faith.
  7. We may request further information from you to assist with our decision making process.
  8. By submitting your application, you agree to allow Nurture to use information you provided in your application to promote the Seedling Fund.
  9. Loans: Funds advanced are loaned to the recipient and are repayable upon demand, no more than once per year, at a maximum of 5% of business revenue/annum until the loan is repaid in full.
  10. Mentorship: Sessions are provided on an ad hoc basis and each successful applicant is entitled to five 1.5 hour mentoring sessions.
  11. Grants: Funds are untethered. Grant value includes GST